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What should I wear?

IF you are a complete beginner, leggings and a top are fine. But after a few lessons we recommend you wear shorts and a vest top as bare skin helps to grip the pole. Barefoot or heels.

NO lotions, oils or moisturisers should be applied on the day that you attend class, because you could make the poles slippery and this can be dangerous to you and fellow polers.
No jewellery, please remove all jewellery before class; any jewellery you cannot remove must be covered with tape.

Can I just watch?

No sorry we don't allow spectators in class

Can I just turn up?

No, we always ask that you book in advance to guarantee a space, we have an online booking system to make it easier for you to book onto a class.

What can I expect?

You may feel nervous at your first lesson, but we all felt like that when we started, you'll soon be having fun!!
We will start the class with a warm up then some pole, we always work at your pace and wouldn't expect you to do something you're uncomfortable with. The class will then finish with a cool down.

How many poles and people per class?

We have five poles in our studio, three poles are 45mm one is 42mm and one is 38mm and can be static or spinning.
The max number of people in our classes are ten so that's just two to a pole

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