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Hollie first discovered pole in 2006, back in the day when pole studio's didn't exist, you learnt in nightclubs where the risk of glass in foot was probable. Which may explain why she has so many sky-high pole shoes.

Hollie loves the diversity of pole from exciting tricks and spins to the sexy floor work, she can mostly be found shoe-banging her way across the studio floor leaving a trail of glitter in her path. Her general belief is "if you can't do it in heels, then you probably shouldn't be doing it at all!"

She loves to inspire students and build confidence to achieve what they never thought possible; during her classes she will cover tricks, spins, routines, sequences, floor work, dance and flexibility on both static and spinny pole. So pretty much anything goes! If there's a new pole trend you can be sure Hollie will be in on it!

Hollie's Pole Heroes include Olga Koga, Daria Che and Eva Bembo.

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